Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jaz's update!!

Well life at rehab plus is actually ok. They work me so hard I have sore muscles to prove it.

Aside from the homesickness and missing mark and the girls terribly, I can now see a real purpose, and even progress. Phew!

For friends and family here's my list of recent improvements:

My right side is fully functional now. Just a remains a little weak. Physio is sorting that out,
My memory is coming back, slowly but surely. Things I couldn't do last week are suddenly popping into my head.
I dropped to 49 kgs in hospital and already have got back up to 53.5kg. YAY!!!!
I can now do several pages in a children's puzzle book. Of course it is rewarding because it is now EASY and every page is bringing success!!
I can walk up and down stairs, without holding on.
I can problem solve and calculate percentages with and without a calculator.
I can even take down accurate phone messages for everybody now.

And unfortunately this is about where I run out of steam. Stamina is not a current strength. But comes with time.
Until next week, I'll look forward to sharing with you again.



  1. Yay Jaz - such good news to hear about your progress. xoxo

  2. Hey gorgeous gal. Wow that is some amazing progress. I'm sure that day to day it feels like not as much us happening. But for us getting these updates after a few days or a week your progress is nothing short of astounding!

    I can imagine there must be times during the day where you are just wishing yourself to be back home. But I know that you know too every minute and day of rehab brings you that much closer to your goal.

    So wonderful that everything is coming back little by little. I know you will be giving it your all!! You are always thought if and the prayers continue from the other end of the island xx

  3. Hey girls.
    You don't know how nice it is too see your comments and know your prayers are still floating around. I pop on and read your blogs too but don't always comment now. I run out of energy really quickly.
    Thanks for your good wishes xoxo

  4. That is wonderful to hear from you again Jaz, keep working hard and making those improvements.

  5. Yay for progress! Thanks for taking the time to post these updates. Enjoy your time with your family and good luck this week in rehab :-)

  6. wow you sound like you are doing an amazing job! your strength is inspirational Jaz!! Keep it up, we are all here continuing to cheer you on xo

  7. And look at you blogging too! Sounds like you're doing fantasticly!

  8. Jaz - your progress is amazing. What amazing strength and resolve you have to take each day at a time and focus on the positive. Keep up the hard work!!!

  9. Hi Jaz, nice to "meet" you. I have only been following for a while, praying for you daily. You and your family are a real inspiration. Keep up the good work Lyns xx

  10. It is just so good to know the progress you are making. As Widge said, you are in inspiration.

  11. Or 'an' inspiration for that matter. No marks for my spelling then!

  12. yay for you Jaz, it sounds like you are making amazing progress :)

  13. Omg Jaz that is great, so good to hear your improving so much. xx

  14. What a woman!! :) Karen and family from UK xx


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