Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Well Jaz has settled into her new room at Rehab Plus. Its a nice place. Her ward has 14 other patients mostly amputees and a few stroke victims. Its a very relaxed atmosphere where patients are expected to both rest and complete day to day tasks. The staff are great and we feel very welcome.

Her progress has slowed which is expected, she functions well but is very tired and still struggles to concentrate and stay focused on a task, but to be fair she is doing amazingly well.

She is now well aware of what has happened and is going through the grief and anger phase that I went through almost 10 days ago. She really wants to go home but also understands that she isnt ready yet. Tonight we chatted about what happened during the operation and how together we will manage the kids especially Phoebe, work and life together. It upset her and I reassured her that what ever happens we will manage together. Just as our wedding vows said "In sickness and in health "

On the home front the girls are enjoying my mothers cooking and Hayley and little Lillys company. Phoebe is starting to eat and sleep again which has been a big relief. Visiting Jaz has also helped and will be even more fun at Rehab Plus as there is a large yard the girls can play in when visiting.

Big thanks to everyone at Ashley School your cards and gifts were wonderful and put smiles on everyones faces.


  1. Still amazing progress Jaz xx you have lots of support and taking one day at a time will be easier coping with all the worries.
    Just so pleased to have you here xxx

  2. I'm so pleased that such good progress is being made. My thoughts are with you all.

  3. It must feel so great to have moved out of hospital into a centre focused on getting Jaz well again and to have the support of people trained in just how to do that.

    Even though outward progress may seem like it has slowed, you can bet that there are imperceptible repairs going on inside Jaz's body each and every day that are all part of the puzzle in putting all the connections back together.

    And great to hear that little Phoebe is adjusting to the change a little better. It can't be easy being away from her mum at this age but kids are really resilient and get used to change pretty quick. I know she'll know how much she is loved even if her routines are not quite what she's used to.

    Keep up the great work ya all!

  4. Oh Mark this bought me to tears. You are so strong and what an amazing husband you are. And Jaz is one of the loveliest, most amazing grils I have ever met. You are obviously soul mates, and you will get through this. DOn't forget we are just a text or phone call away and can help with new routines for the girls. Love from us Aimx xoxoxo

  5. I love that 'In sickness and in health' counts big time. It made the tears come though! xx

  6. This post made my eyes well up uncontrollably, you are such an inspirational loving family and are doing such a wonderful job of everything

    Love and Hugs
    The Starkeys xx


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