Monday, February 7, 2011


Jaz is doing really well. Yesterday I bought her a portable DVD player. So as I write this Jaz is enjoying Billy Connelly in the comfort of her hospital bed!

Her recovery continues to progress her vision is improving along with strength and coordination.
She continues to surprise us all including the Surgery team.

The Hospital has decided this morning to transfer her out to a Rehabilitation Centre tomorrow. We are all very excited and so happy that we are one step closer to having Jaz home.

In regards to Jasmines results the news is good. Jaz does not want me to go into detail but her Dr has promised us they will put together a very good treatment plan.

Her tumor is very slow growing and at this stage is benign. Treatment will include a Shunt, Radiation and possibly Chemotherapy.

We meet with the Radiation team in 2 weeks to discuss the plan of attack.

We are both happy and relieved with the results and look forward to our time together and what ever the future has on offer for us.

To finish Jaz wanted me to thank everyone for their support over the past couple of weeks. Its only now that she realizes what we have all been through.


  1. Mark, such good news!! Jaz is truly amazing. I'm sure the DVD player will be a great source of distraction.

  2. Whoop!! awesome to hear such hope-filled news. Go Jaz!! And go Mark! You have been doing an amazing job

  3. Fantastic news. You have all been in my thoughts so much today thinking about the results. When you look back two weeks, it doesn't seem possible that Jaz could already be going to a rehab centre. She is one very determined gal! But also not to underestimate the unwavering, amazing support you have given her every moment as well. Your support has obviously had a huge impact on her amazing progress so far.

    I know there's still many more steps ahead of you in this marathon you're running together, but with each passing day you're passing more important markers in the race.

    Give that gal of yours a great big hug from me, and a big high five to you too :-)

  4. Fantastic to hear the positive news! Jaz you are obviously such a strong lady...and what an amazing family you have!
    I look forward to following your continued progress :)

  5. I've been thinking about Jaz and all of you...much love to your beautiful family.

  6. That is so good to hear!! Yay - and you are doing an awesome job! xoxo

  7. Absolutely wonderful news. I am so so pleased for you all.

  8. Great news Mark and Jaz and KIds. I hope that you are all staying strong and we are thinking of you everyday.

  9. Great that Jaz is watching comedies on her dvd player...laughter is such a good medicine :D xxxxx

  10. Awesome news! Hope the move out to the centre goes well and Billy Connelly is a fantastic choice!


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