Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Standing up!

After posting yesterday I had dinner with Luke and the kids then headed into hospital for my routine evening visit. A nice quiet visit where I can either read or relax with Jaz.
I found Jaz in pretty good spirits, a DR had just finished putting another stitch in her drain wound. We chatted for a while and then I noticed that her pillow case was wet. Her drain wound was leaking cerebral fluid!

We went through 2 pillow cases while I was up there!!! I headed home after much assurance from the Nurses that this often happens only to receive a phone call from the Nurse around 11pm saying they want to remove the drain all together and if she cannot cope without the drain the will have to ring me requesting consent!

No sleep last night!!!

She is managing to control the cerebral fluid in her head at this stage. Still closely monitored but if her good progress continues her operations for shunts (internal drains) will not progress this week.

Today Jaz continues to improve. She can now get in and out of her bed with a fair amount of help from a nurse onto a chair for meals. Breakfast and lunch today and maybe all 3 meals tomorrow. Progress continues for Jaz along with her being verbally and physically frustrated with the whole situation. But she has made her first short term goal which is to make it out to the general ward. With that comes increased visitor numbers (I can take all of the girls in at once!) telephone access and maybe a TV.

On the home front little Miss Phoebe has developed tantrums screaming she wants her mum. It cuts me to pieces but I hope in time she will grow to our current situation.
Molly had her first day back today. She immediately caught up with everyone in her class. She is our very forward carefree sociable girl. After having a chat to her teacher I wished Molly a good bye only to hear her telling her mates that Mum has something in her head and might die!!! Her mates commented how cool that was and I left the school blubbering!

I meet with my Manager from New Zealand and Australia today. My fear of not being able to do my job or lose everything Id worked towards was a major anxiety.
They assured me that everything was going to be ok and they would support my family for as long as I needed. I feel privileged to be part of the Irwin team and want to thank all of my buddies in both New Zealand and Australia for their support. I hope to be contributing to the business again very soon.

As I write this one of the mums from Phoebes playcentre has dropped off our dinner! The ladies have kindly set up a roster to provide dinner this week. I cant believe how kind people can be.


  1. Mark - so glad to hear that you work for such an awesome company and that you don't have to add job worries into the mix. Keep up the great work!!

  2. Wonderful to hear that progress is being made again. So glad that the Company is being so supportive. In my experience children cope - they just sometimes have ways of coping that we adults find a little perplexing.

  3. Another Positive day, and more steps forward. So great. Prayers for Caitlin's first day tomorrow that it will be a really positive experience for her and she'll meet some lovely people.

    And wonderful that you have such a caring employer, a great weight will have lifted there having that meeting go so well :-)

  4. crikey, what a yo-yo of a time! I love the sound of the Kiwi hospitality, it must be helping you to keep the faith. Great news re Jaz and her progress, as for the girls give them a huggle from me. xx


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