Saturday, February 19, 2011

Week 4

Well its Saturday morning and Im lying in bed with Jaz and Phoebe watching Rory the Racing Car on the kids channel.

Jaz has just eaten her first breakfast of bananas on toast followed by a peppermint tea. Her eating habits now mirror that of a hobbit with frequent meals through out the day. I checked out her feet last night for any unusual hair growth!!!

My apologies for not posting this week, Ive just had so much going on with schooling, playcentre, work and running the household. We have tried to visit Jaz everyday and even managed to have dinner with her at hospital on Thursday night.

The girls have had a great week. Phoebe starts daycare next week so this week we visited every morning in preparation for the big day. I was upset about her having to go to daycare but she seems to really enjoy it, its only for 2 days at this stage and both Caitlin and Molly went at her age. Plus I really need to spend some time in the office. Not only to work but to have some Mark time again.
Caitlin had a sleep over with her mate Sophie last night, she was meant to join the junior choir yesterday so hopefully when she gets home this morning she will be able to break the good news to her very musical mum!
Molly always has good days, she amazes me with her ability to get on with things without a worry. Im a naturally anxious person and struggle at times with her attitude on life. How can it take 10 minutes to brush your teeth?
She lost a tooth early in the week which has been a real highlight for her as the tooth fairy came. I could almost see her trying to work out what her mouth was worth when she found the dollar coin in place of her tooth!!!!
Jaz continues to work hard and is progressing well. Changes are much smaller now but that was expected. The Occupational therapists and Physiotherapists push her everyday with physical exercises and normal day to day tasks. Her stamina has improved and yesterday when chatting to our good friend Neil Brown I saw my old Jaz again!!!
She is home again this weekend, yesterday we went to Stanmore bay Primary school to collect Molly. Jaz meet Mollys teacher and then caught up with all of her teaching and mum friends. It was great to her catch up and have some normality in her day. On a selfish note it was nice to see that our lives will get back to normal.

Well thats about it. Jaz will post a blog tomorrow, today we are heading out to visit a friends new baby before settling into the couch for the Crusaders Blues game tonight. Yes the phone will be off the hook as I watch Todds mighty men dismantle the flashy "try hard" blues! Jaz still needs regular sleeps so we all need to be mindful not to push her to hard especially me.

Have a great weekend



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  2. Good to see you feeling cheerful Mark :)
    Hi Jaz
    have a lovely weekend all of you... skype tomorrow

  3. What a wonderful post to read in the morning. You have no idea how much happiness your family's happiness will bring to your friends today.

  4. well done Mark, your post reads well and it is always great to see progress no matter how small it may seem. We are all working away at Ashley and not a day goes by without thing of that lovely lady of yours and the wonderful things she did in the classroom and will do again! Hope Caitlin made the choir and Molly is still cruising. We all enjoy your blog!

  5. Such a positive post. Wonderful! Love to all,
    Karen and boys xxxxxxxxx

  6. Fantastic update. So thrilled to hear that Jaz has been able to get out and about and doing some of the things she'd want to as a mummy. So great to hear of yet another positive week for team Treacy. Keep up the great work y'all! Xx meg

  7. Thanks for another update. Hope you all have a lovely weekend together :-)


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