Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hi ya all

I'm home for another weekend and as Mark put in his recent post, home for good in FOUR days.
I must admit, despite wanting to see my family, I'm scared. I'm really not the same person who left for hospital five or so weeks ago.

But I am still as positve as ever. So maybe it'll be ok. Who'd ever have thought I'd be frightened of my own children? I can't believe I'm in this position. But I have a feeling, with team work we will be just ok.

I really liked Mark's recent post. So raw and honest.

Christchurch. My heart aches for you. I know if our current circumstances were different, Mark would already down there, sleeves rolled up and shovel in hand. He's good like that. Instead, I need him here. But our thoughts and love is definately with you.
The images are gut wrenching. It reminds me how lucky I am to be alive and kicking. I hope the bodies are retrieved quickly for personal closure and the rescuers can cope with their unenviable job.

I was born in Christchurch. Grew up there and know many who are very special to me. I'm pretty sure they are all accounted for, but I have a feeling I will hear of many people with connections to our friends and family. In tragedies like this that's just how it goes.

Many say that buildings can be rebuilt and a city can recover, but I feel differently. I know it is a blessing that many survived, but I'm a real building person. I believe people put huge amounts of love into their buildings. They work every day in them, creating strong relationships.
I feel very sad for the loss of what was ChCh. People will grieve these losses, just like the beautiful people they have also lost. I look forward to the day when ChCh stands up again, streches itself and becomes whole.

Changing the subject..............

I recieved a very special gift yesterday. A Pounamu fish hook from some very special people.
It hangs around my neck, close to my heart and very warm. Hei - matau represents strength and determination. It brings peace, prosperity and good health. A very warm thank you to the following people; Hilary, John M, Adam, Lynley, Pete R, Jo C, Robin and Valerie for thinking of me.
An extra special thank you to Matt who delivered the gift personally. We had a very quick, but great catch up, having not seen each other since about 1990. An old, but still important school mate. I feel so honoured to know these people, who were fellow students but older than me. Friends of my parents, it is obvious now that friendship can last over a long time and distance. I am so very grateful for this.

Wow, look at how much I have written. Another milestone met? Yeeeeehaa!!!!

But my neck now I guess I'll chat again at the end of the week.
Jaz xx


  1. Jaz... we all look forward. Our beautiful city and people will come through this. As I write I hear the Rangiora express on its way to deliver vital supplies to those in need. Our small community is behind all rescue & recovery efforts.

  2. Hey gorgeous
    Looking forward to having you home again!!!
    So so sad this week. We are all grieving with you for your precious city. So glad to hear your family are all safe.

    The loss of the history and buildings is also devastating. No matter how closely it is rebuilt it will never be the same. But one thing is for sure what will be rebuilt is a city that has it's own unique and strong identity. A city whose beauty will rise from the ashes. Rebuilt by a people grieving but who are stronger than their grief. And the city will be stronger for it.

    I've been so heartened by the kiwi spirit this week. We live in an amazing country hey!

  3. I cannot even begin to imagine the place I grew up in being destroyed in this way even though I now have no friends or relatives left there.

    On a happier note it is so so good to read your words and know you are still the positive you who will triumph and soon be home.

  4. Hi there,
    I don't comment often but have enjoyed the adventures of your lovely family - beautiful girls! Enjoyed until now that is - so sorry to hear of these past weeks and the trial you are going through but it sounds like you are doing great and I can only imagine how excited you were to be back together as a family for the four days.
    I know we have never met, but just want you to know I am praying for you and wish I could drop off a meal to help you out.
    Hang in there with all those rehab activities, keep blogging... (can you tell I am an OT.... :) )
    On another note - I know what you mean about Chch. I have many happy memories of Christchurch too and feel quite stunned at the devastation I see there.
    Be strong blogging friend!
    Laura xx

  5. Hi

    Just wanted to say a big WELCOME HOME! Hopefully I've got the day right and it still is today. Thinking of you all as you can start back into your family lives as a whole unit again xx


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