Friday, February 4, 2011

Just a quick update today. Im pretty buggered with this whole situation catching up. Evening visits mean I get home just before 9pm then if Phoebe hasn't settled it can turn my day into a long one.

Jaz continues to strengthen. Luke visited this morning as I didn't want to drag Phoebe up to the hospital again.

I have just gotten back from my evening visit. She is still very anxious but after a long chat about the what ifs Im hopeful that she will get a good nights sleep.
She is now very aware of the what ifs that might come with the biopsy result and amount of time away from home for rehab etc. I reassured her we should take things week by week and she asked that I be present for the results.

I dressed her in some new PJs lots of stripes, with her eye patch and stripy PJs I made comment she looked like a Wheres Wally pirate character. She scolded me with that lovely big smile!

Those of you that have sent her texts please be aware she cannot see her phone very well so don't be offended if you do not get a reply.
She is allowed flowers and cards etc now so please either send them direct to her Ward 83 Auckland Central Hospital or to our home address and I will deliver on your behalf.

I confronted the staff nurse in regards to the broken blood vessel during the operation, she explained that it was a consequence of the operation and that this was explained in the consent form.

Tomorrow I will take all 3 girls up to see her. A welcome reward for them all after a tough first week at school.


  1. hope things keep on improving for you jaz. sounds like you're doing really well. keep being a fighter!

    and enjoy your family tomorrow.
    big hugs

  2. No doubt it will all be catching up with you as I imagine you've been existing a fair bit on adrenalin until now. I hope you can have a wonderful time together tomorrow as a whole family.

    Hope you are able to schedule some 'me' time somewhere along the way. It'll be really good for your mental health too.

    Only natural that now you're past these first anxious hours and days that the harder questions come up but as long as you approach it together as a team and take some time to work through the pros and cons of all the options it'll be easier to make sound decisions.

    Just know you are doing such an amazing job being the rock and pillar of strength your family needs. You really are.

    Meg xx

  3. It's good to read of today's progress. Thanks Mark.

    I would echo Meghan. Time for yourself without feeling guilty, Mark, is important so that you can re-charge your mental and physical batteries to be able to look after everyone.

  4. good to hear the updates.
    thinking of you all & hoping you manage some rest in there

  5. It's easy to be a good person when things are easy but the true measure of a person is taken when times are are such a good family, no i mean a great family, and we wish you nothing but the best xxxx

  6. I have read your blog from time to time, usually not commenting, just popped back for an update and read your news of Jasmines operation.

    Oh my goodness - you are all going through a rough time. I wish you all the best and strength to cope with what life throws at you all. You seem a really strong loving family and that will stand you in good stead.

    Accept all the help you are offered - those meals and baking that arrives at the door will help save you precious time that can be used elsewhere!

    I wish you all well.


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