Thursday, February 10, 2011

Home Visit

Today was a big day for all with Caitlin and Molly working very hard at school and Phoebe and I attending our very first Play centre visit together.

The ladies at Play Centre were fantastic making me feel very welcome and continuing to offer cooked meals and lots of support. Phoebe had a great time but I think I probably had the most fun playing in the sand pit with the boys. It was a great distraction from our current situation we both left just after 12pm absolutely exhausted!!!

Jaz had another productive day of speech and language therapy and physiotherapy. She continues to strengthen physically but still fatigues very quickly so her Doctor has allowed Jaz to come home this weekend.

The girls have no idea Im picking Jaz up tomorrow and I have to meet with the Staff nurse to discuss the rules of her release tomorrow!!

As she fatigues very quickly we are not allowed to take her out of the house, she will need bed rest every couple of hours and noise and other distractions must be kept to a minimum. But its going to wonderful for all of us to be together again for the first time in 3 weeks.

After talking to Jaz tonight she suggested over the weekend together she would like to write a post in the blog. So stay tuned for Jasmines big come back!

To finish Id like to say a big thank you to you all out there for your support and love. Even though we are along way away from family I never feel alone. This blog has gotten me through some tough times and pretty soon I know that it will help Jaz get through her transition back into life as she once new it.


  1. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! A home visit - I'm so incredibly excited for you all. So much so, I'm grinning from ear to ear!

    And I've no doubt that even though it'll be a very tiring weekend for ALL of you and especially Jaz physically, that the incredible lift in spirit you will all get from it will do so much to carry you through the days to come.

    Bless ya xx

  2. That's fantastic!! The girls are going to be blown away when they realise that they have Mum home for the weekend. And the rule about not taking her out - well - I'm sure that just having her home will be everything you all need.

  3. Wow thats awesome!
    With progress is going so well, and with the hard work, its no wonder its so draining.
    A visit home and family close will be just the thing to recharge. You so deserve it Jaz! And so does the rest of the family

    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend : )
    Matt P

  4. Such exciting news!!! Thinking of you all. xoxo

  5. Hi all, wow that is so amazing, I imagine there will be lots of tears of joy this weekend. what unreal progress, bet you can hardly believe it, hey. Can't wait to hear how it goes, or to see a post from Jaz, and hope those flowers don't make you sneeze. All our love from our household, Aims xoxoxo

  6. WOOHOO...thats a great step forward, and fantastic news for you and the girls to have Jaz home for the weekend.
    Thinking of you all lots
    Keep up the fab progress Jaz you are doing AMAZINGLY!

    Lots of hugs and love
    From The Starkeys xxxxx

  7. Great news on the home visit. I guess there will be a whole heap of rules for you to learn Mark and it may be tough but it's a start. It is a small step on a very big journey.

  8. Wonderful news! Hope the home visit goes well :-) Have an AWESOME weekend :-)

  9. Awesome news. I hope that you have a weekend of happiness. I've not said this before but one reason I've been so affected is that two friends have gone through brain injury and brain cancer. Neither made such amazingly fast progress as Jaz is making. My thoughts are there for you all.

  10. Have a wonderful weekend together! Keep the smiles going...Jaz. you are doing so well. I am sure that with your spirit and your family supporting you, things will continue to take positive moves forward! :)


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