Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Another pretty good day today.

I've just got back from the hospital. Jaz still isn't ready for visitors or phone calls. She explained to me she wanted more time to get better before taking on the outside world. Im pretty sure her confidence will have improved by Monday

She is better physically but fatigues very quickly. I will know more about her overall condition after the Occupational Therapist calls me tomorrow.

I took Phoebe into see her this morning, it took little P awhile as Mum has a funny haircut and wears a patch over her eye. Her vision is stilled blurred and only sees double. It should correct itself in time.

Phoebe watched a DVD on our laptop while Luke and I chatted with Jaz. Then she finally came round and gave Jaz a big kiss and hug.
She happily left Jaz at the end of the visit with a wave and big smile. On Saturday I will take all 3 of them in and we will finally be together as a family once again!!

On the medical front we still dont have the biopsy results and the Registrar confirmed that other than the biopsy the tumor is pretty much the same as it was before she was omitted last Sunday. It was just too dangerous and risky to remove any more than the biopsy.

I asked Jaz tonight if she would like to contribute to todays thankful thursday. She replied

"Im thankful Im here today" Jaz xx


  1. And we're so thankful that you are too Jaz :-)

    I bet seeing little Phoebe was just the best medicine for your lovely gal today.

    xx Meg

  2. Thanks for the updates. Still thinking of you all. Prayers and peace

  3. Thinking of you all and reading your updates every day....our best wishes to you,
    Karen and her boys, Joseph and Louie xxxx


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