Wednesday, February 2, 2011

General Ward

Caitlin started college today. After kicking Molly out of the car as we drove past her school (not quite please don't ring social services) Caitlin, Phoebe and I headed to Whangaparaoa College. I was really impressed with the way they handled the new year sevens. All of the 7th formers were present to welcome the new kids and parents to the school and to steer us in the right direction. I never thought Id ever say this but high school kids seem so tall!! Anyway we were all nervous but Caitlin found an old class mate and then said to me "I think Im ok Dad" we kissed, Phoebe cried and I walked off amazed at how well she handled the whole situation!

Our Neurology support person (Adele) rang me this morning to discuss the future. We now need to start planning where Jaz will start her rehab.
There are still so many unknowns so I find it very hard to make solid decisions. Decisions that could see us possibly relocate back to Christchurch. When I think ahead I really struggle to work out how I could possibly juggle 3 kids, work, home and a sick wife miles away from my family. When everyone has finished visiting I will have to do all of those things myself. Then there's our house, full of stairs and multiple levels.
Adele suggested I made no decisions until I receive the results of the biopsy. Fingers crossed all goes well with that.

Jasmines progress continues to go from strength to strength. The Nurse showered and washed her hair last night so she looks and smells all lovely and Jasmine!!! She is able to walk short distances and now even goes to the toilet herself. Just needs a little help getting there.

Luke covered the morning shift and I have just got home from the evening shift. Because of fatherly duties I hadnt been to see her since yesterday morning.
She is improving so well. Physically the arm naturally tucks up against her chest but she is conscious of having to use it. She is now even starting to think about her future.
It was kind of weird for me because she often reassured me that everything was going to be ok. I feel so much better knowing that I have my partner almost back with me.

Tomorrow she has a 2 hour assessment with the Occupational Therapist and from there we will know when and how long Jaz will be at the Rehab centre.
It looks like her physical capabilities will come back faster than her ability to process information. But obviously after tomorrow we will both know more. Im just happy to have someone to hug again.
I mentioned yesterday that Jaz wanted to be well enough to be transferred to the general ward well they have decided to move her tomorrow morning a huge step forward.

I have a few people Id like to thank today. I do hope to speak to you in person some day but until then thank you to Paisley Jade and MNM. Jasmines blogging buddies who sent lovely gifts to Jaz today. I opened your parcels with her and read your letters and cards to her tonight. She was so happy and shed a tear. Thanks. She looks forward to a herbal tea in the ward tomorrow and uses her knitted man to exercise her right hand.
To Bob and Bernadette for the lovely gift basket that also had toys for the girls. Phoebe squealed with excitement.

Also the Play centre mums continue to pepper me with pies, quiche's, muffins, salads and cakes. You guys are just the best. Cant wait to catch up with you all next Wednesday.

The Nurses and Hospital aides also need a mention. They look after us so well. And of course are very proud of Jasmines achievements

Well as you can see we have an awful lot going on but Im pleased to say that Jasmine is making great progress. Stay tuned for tomorrows update.

PS I found a Speaker cushion at Bed Bath and Beyond. The last one in the country. Thanks to the girls at Albany for locating it for me.


  1. Thinking of you all often and my heart goes out to you!! Hang in there and take one day at a time. So glad for the support you have at the moment and praying it will continue on. xK

  2. Yay for Jaz making it to the general ward already - that is some AMAZING progress. Especially when you look at your post and where you were all at just one week ago. You've all come SO SO far.

    Will be praying for a really positive biopsy result tomorrow. And also for the future, that together you can make the best decisions for the family when the time comes, and that once made you feel a real peace that they are the right ones.

    Keep up the great work one and all. xxMeg

  3. Hi, I have only been a follower here for a few weeks. It is such a hard path you are all traveling at the moment. I just wanted to say, if you do relocate back to christchurch, the brain injury unit here is amazing. My husband spent 9 months there following an accident. They make it as homely as possible and all the staff were so kind. It sounds like Jaz is doing amazingly well, stay strong, half the battle is won with determination. xxx

  4. Glad to hear you are all making such great progress :-)

  5. pleased they did still have a speaker cushion left - hope it helps :)
    a great day of news all round - well done ;)

  6. way to go girl! making some fine progress there!
    good luck with the assessment.
    thanks for the update mark.
    you are doing an outstanding job yourself, keep it up.
    stay strong. : )

  7. Good luck with the occupational Therapist and the move to the general ward; both excited and nervous at the same time for you :) xx

  8. It's amazing how much one misses being absent from Blogland for even a day. It was wonderful to wake up to your news this morning. I hope Jaz continues to progress quickly.

  9. Awesome news that Jaz is progressing so well, and that Caitlyns first day at High school was not so daunting after all!, I'm sure that Jaz will continue to get better in leaps and bounds and you will have her home again soon

    Love and Hugs
    The Starkey Family XX


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